Annexes are projects with the Heat Pump Programme and participation in an Annex is an efficient way of increasing the national knowledge, both regarding the specific project objective, but also by international information exchange.

Annex 41
Cold Climate Heat Pumps (Improving low ambient temperature performance of Air-Source Heat Pumps)

Identify technology solutions leading to successful (efficient & reliable) systems/equipment for residential and small commercial buildings in cold climate locations with primary focus on air-source heat pumps.
US is operating agent. Formal participants pending, the Annex is open for new participants.
Annex 40
Heat pump concepts for near zero-energy buildings

1) Optimization of concepts for buildings in order to reach Nearly Zero Energy consumption applying heat pumps as core component of the building technology
2) Evaluation of building- and system integration options favorable for the application in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
3) Requirements for further developments of current marketable heat pumps to exploit specific performance opportunities in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (e.g. multi-source ability, capacity range, capacity control, temperature lift)
Switzerland, Canada, France the Netherlands and Norway. The Annex is still open for new participants.
Annex 39
A common method for testing and rating of residential HP and AC annual/seasonal performance

In this Annex, the following will be developed:

1) Common calculation methods for SPF using a generalized and transparent approach, based on lab measured data.
2) Establish comprehensive test methods based on further development of existing test standards. The test standards should include test conditions needed for the future SPF calculations.
3) A method to evaluate additional heat pump performance, e.g. Carbon Footprint, Primary Energy Saving or Energy Savings.
Austria, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, US, Sweden and Switzerland
Annex 38
Systems using solar thermal energy in combination with heat pumps

The aim is to analyze solar and heat pump configurations with respect to energy savings and total cost of ownership (TCO) for investment and operation
Switzerland, Germany, UK
Annex 37
Demonstration of field measurements on heat pump systems in buildings - Good examples with modern technology

Demonstrate the potential with heat pumping technology for all types of buildings from all ready performed field measurements. The focus will be on the best available technique.
Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
Annex 36
Quality installation and maintenance

The desired end-product objectives are:

1) Develop information for use by key stakeholders in industry (HVAC-R and construction trades), government (policy makers), and building sector (owners/operators).
2) Produce reliable data to position each Annex participating country to evaluate its pertinent industry standards and practices for the heat pump system types of primary interest to ensure optimum heat pump performance.
3) Reduce usage of energy and emissions of greenhouse gases by encouraging use of quality heat pump installation and maintenance practices.
France, Sweden, UK, US
Annex 35
Application of Industrial Heat Pumps

The objective of the Annex is to reduce the use of energy and emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by the increased application of heat pumps in industry.
Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden
Annex 34
Thermally Driven Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling

The goal of Annex 34 is to reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling by the use of thermally driven heat pumps.

The economic, environmental and energy performance of integrated thermally driven heat pumps in cooling and heating systems in a range of climates, countries and applications will be quantified. From this, those areas and applications with the greatest environmental benefit, the best economics and the greatest market potential will be identified.
Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and USA



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