The Center for Transportation Analysis (CTA) in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) develops integrated inter-modal transportation solutions through innovative and cost-effective research and development. CTA’s activities encompass transportation energy and environmental concerns, safety and security challenges, planning and policy issues, systems engineering, military transportation, and transit visibility. Our research and development have contributed to the efficient, safe and free movement of people and goods in our Nation’s transportation systems.

For the past two decades, CTA’s work has been funded by both the public and private sectors. Our sponsors have included the U. S. Departments of Energy, Transportation, and Defense; Federal Emergency Management Agency; Environmental Protection Agency; Bureau of Census; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; State Departments of Transportation; local planning organizations; National Research Council; and General Motors Corporation. Collaboration and partnerships with academia keep CTA staff attuned to the state-of-the art research and development.

Staffed by 35 professional and administrative staff, CTA has an annual operating budget of more than $30 million. The Director of CTA is Diane Davidson. Expertise of CTA staff is extensive and diverse, ranging from risk assessment, to policy analysis, to systems and software development, to military mobilization. Collectively, CTA staff serve on 30 national committees and expert panels.



Transportation - Maximum capacity . . .
ORNL is partnering with SBE Inc. to help improve electric vehicle capacitors.

Vehicles - Cool ride . . .
Electric vehicle technology is accelerating at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Transportation - Wider tires increase cargo load . . .
Wide tires on tractor-trailers can enable additional cargo to be added without compromising fuel efficiency.