Job Opportunities With CTA

From time-to-time the CTA will post job openings for new staff members, post graduate positions (post graduate, post masters, and post doctoral), and summer faculty and students. The availability of positions in the group is dependent on the availability of sponsor funding and can range from a 10 week summer assignment, to 1-3 years for post graduate openings, or long term careers for new staff.

ORNL Employment

Employment opportunities at ORNL

For inquiries regarding posted openings at the CTA please contact:

Diane Davidson, Center Director
Center for Transportation Analysis
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008 MS 6472
Oak Ridge TN 37831-6472


Transportation - Maximum capacity . . .
ORNL is partnering with SBE Inc. to help improve electric vehicle capacitors.

Vehicles - Cool ride . . .
Electric vehicle technology is accelerating at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Transportation - Wider tires increase cargo load . . .
Wide tires on tractor-trailers can enable additional cargo to be added without compromising fuel efficiency.