Research Staff


Ingrid BuschIngrid Busch, Ph.D.,
Operations Research
(T) 865.946.1302
(F) 865.946-1314

Specialty Research Areas:

  • Defense Transportation
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Planning and Systems Analysis

Current or Recent Work:

  • Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System (CAMPS): Migrated the flow planning application from a Sybase to an Oracle database for the US Air Force.
  • Ohio River Navigation Investment Model (ORNIM): Developed a system to be used by the US Army Corps of Engineers to analyze proposed improvements to the infrastructure on the Ohio River System.

Significant Publications:

T. Randall Curlee, Ingrid K. Busch, Michael R. Hilliard, Gbadebo Oladosu, Frank Southworth, and David P. Vogt (2004) " Economic Foundations of Ohio River Navigation Investment Model", Transportation Research Record No. 1871, pp. 13-23.

Virgil L. Langdon, Jr., Michael R. Hilliard, and Ingrid K. Busch (2004) "Future Utilization and Optimal Investment Strategy for Inland Waterways: New Model from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Assist Policy Makers", Transportation Research Record No. 1871, pp. 33-41.

Ingrid K. Busch and Steve Mulvey (1996) "QCOA: A Quick Course-of-Action Evaluation Toolkit", Military Operations Research Journal 1(4), pp. 13-22.

Michael R. Hilliard, Rajendra S. Solanki, Cheng Liu, Ingrid K. Busch, Glen Harrison, and Ronald D. Kraemer (1992) "Scheduling the Operation Desert Storm Airlift: An Advanced Automated Scheduling Support System", Interfaces 22(1), pp.133-146.


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