Research Staff


Richard SchmoyerRichard Schmoyer
Ph.D., Statistics
(T) 865.576.5327
(F) 865.576.8993

Specialty Research Areas:

  • Data, Statistical Analysis and Information Tools
  • Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Planning and Systems Analysis

Current or Recent Work:

  • Prediction of external corrosion for steel UF6 containment cylinders
  • Evaluation of State International Fuel Tax Agreement data reporting procedures
  • Estimation of statistical distributions for waterway analysis modeling
  • Evaluation of DOE Industrial Assessment Center Program

Significant Publications:

Schmoyer, R. L., and Lyon, B. F. L. “Prediction of External Corrosion for Steel Cylinders—2002 Report,” ORNL/TM-2002/143, July 2002.

Schmoyer, R. L., and Hu, P. S., and Goeltz, R. T. (2001) “Statistical Data Filtering and Aggregation to Hour Totals of ITS Thirty-Second and Five-Minute Vehicle Counts,” Transportation Research Record, 1769, 79-86.

Schmoyer, R. L., Beauchamp, J. J., Brandt C. C., and Hoffman, F. O. (1996) “Difficulties with the Lognormal Model in Mean Estimation and Testing,” Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 3, 81-97.

Schmoyer, R. L. (1994), Permutation Tests for Correlation in Regression Errors, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 89, 1507-16.

Schmoyer, R. L. (1992), Asymptotically Valid Prediction Intervals for Linear Models, Technometrics, 34, 399-408.

Simpson, M. L., Schmoyer, R. L., and Hunt, M. A. (1991), Moment Invariants for Automated Inspection of Printed Material, Optical Engineering, 30, 424-30.

Schmoyer, R. L. (1991), Nonparametric Analyses for Two-Level Single-Stress Accelerated Life Tests, Technometrics, 33, 175-86.

Schmoyer, R. L. (1988), Linear Interpolation with a Nonparametric Accelerated Failure Time Model, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 83, 441-9.

Russell, L. B., Hunsicker, P. R., Oakberg, E. F., Cummings, C. C., and Schmoyer, R. L. (1987), Tests for Urethane Induction of Germ-Cell Mutations and Germ-Cell Killing in the Mouse, Mutation Research, 188, 335-42.

Dalbey, W., Henry, M., Holmberg, R., Schmoyer, R., and Lock, S. (1987), “Role of Exposure Parameters in Toxicity of Aerosolized Diesel Fuel in the Rat”, Journal of Applied Toxicology, 7, 265-75.

Das, S., Schmoyer, R., Harrison, G, and Hausker, K., “Prospects of Inspection and Maintenance of Two-Wheelers in India,” J. of the Air and Waste Management Association, 51, 1391-1400, October 2001.

Reuscher, T., Schmoyer, R. and Hu, P., “Transferability Of Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey Data To Regional And Local Scales,” Transportation Research Record (to appear).

Schmoyer, R. L. (1986), A Distribution -Free Analysis for Accelerated Life Testing at Several Levels of a Single Stress, Technometrics, 28, 165-75.

Schmoyer, R. L. (1984) Sigmoidally Constrained Maximum Likelihood in Quantal Bioassay, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 79, 448-53.

Tonn, B., Schmoyer, R., and Wagner, S. “Weatherizing the homes of Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Clients: a Programmatic Assessment,” ORNL/CON-486, June 2002.


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