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The following links provide information and maps to the National Transportation Research Center (NTRC), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and the surrounding area which may help to make your visit more productive and enjoyable.

Visiting the Center for Transportation Analysis (CTA)

Driving Directions to CTA, NTRC, ORNL and Airport
FEERC is located at the NTRC building

NTRC/CTA Google Map

Visiting the NTRC/CTA

ORNL General Visitor Information

Oak Ridge Area

Knoxville Area


Transportation - Maximum capacity . . .
ORNL is partnering with SBE Inc. to help improve electric vehicle capacitors.

Vehicles - Cool ride . . .
Electric vehicle technology is accelerating at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Transportation - Wider tires increase cargo load . . .
Wide tires on tractor-trailers can enable additional cargo to be added without compromising fuel efficiency.