Working With Us

Types of working agreements

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)
DOE typically pays the lab costs. The private-sector partner can provide either cash or in-kind work. CRADAs are subject to the availability of DOE funds.

Work for Others
A direct "funds-in" contract to UT-Battelle (ORNL lab contractor).

User Agreement
User pays for the use of our facilities and performs the bulk of the work.

Informal partnership/collaboration
This could include the exchange of either information or staff.

Additional information about working agreements can be found at ORNL's Partnerships Directorate web site.

ORNL cannot respond to RFPs or otherwise compete directly with the private sector.

For more information regarding our research, technologies, capabilities, and facilities please contact:

Diane Davidson, Center Director

Lori Frye, Assistant


Transportation - Maximum capacity . . .
ORNL is partnering with SBE Inc. to help improve electric vehicle capacitors.

Vehicles - Cool ride . . .
Electric vehicle technology is accelerating at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Transportation - Wider tires increase cargo load . . .
Wide tires on tractor-trailers can enable additional cargo to be added without compromising fuel efficiency.