Research Capabilities

Power Systems

The ORNL Power Systems team has an array of research and development interests and a unique set of analytical and experimental capabilities.

Sample Projects

NERC Interconnected Operation Services Working Group: Brendan Kirby is participating on the working group, helping NERC to define, quantify, and measure the services in a restructured industry.

Modeling Ancillary Service Markets: We are developing computer based models of the complex interactions that occur in ancillary service markets. Results from a simple version of the model confirm the importance of market rules and the ease of generating unintended responses.

The potential impact of restructuring on nuclear plant operations: In this project we are helping the NRC understand how restructuring may impact the supply of off-site power to nuclear plants.

Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, Task Force on Electric System Reliability: We provided technical support to the task force writing the initial drafts for many of the Task Force's reports.

Ancillary Services and Renewables: In cooperation with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Brendan is working on restructuring and ancillary services issues that are likely to impact renewable technologies such as wind.

Ancillary Services and Storage: In cooperation with Sandia National Laboratory, Brendan is working on restructuring and ancillary service issues that are likely to impact energy storage technologies. A model for optimizing storage performance in a spot market has been developed.

Load in a Restructured Industry: We have helped large industrial loads develop the capability to participate in the real-time electricity market. One load utilizes automated decision tools that enable it to immediately respond to electricity price changes for a 2000 MW load. We are also helping a number of utilities examine the ancillary service burdens imposed by their non-conforming loads. Finally, we are examining the feasibility of loads selling ancillary services to the system.

The Oak Ridge Competitive Electricity Dispatch (ORCED) Model: We developed the ORCED model for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, for analyzing the effect of deregulation on generating plant profitability, prices, carbon emissions, and other factors.

Modeled the Economic Decision-Making of Energy-Using Sectors or Entire Regions: We used the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS), the most widely recognized economic simulation model and developed by the U.S. Energy Information Adminstration, for providing significant insights into the future energy market under changes to key parameters such as temperature.

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