Battery Manufacturing Facility


  • Photonic cathode processing for large scale all solid state batteries reduce minutes in 700 degree Celsius furnace to 1 second photon exposure. Joint invention disclosure filed with Planar Energy Devices.
  • Aqueous electrode processing for lithium ion batteries reduces electrode processing cost by 75%. Provisional patent filed.
  • In-line performance test for reliable production of batteries decreases scrap, adding value of up to 50%. Joint invention disclosure filed with A123 Systems.
  • In-situ characterization of degradation and performance of batteries, with reduction in the development cycle of up to 50%.
  • Low cost anode raw material production for lithium ion batteries. With temperature reduction of 1500 degrees Celsius, capacity fade reduced by 43% through 750 cycles.  Joint invention disclosure filed with A123 Systems.
  • ORNL electrodes in Dow Kokam test cells enabling domestic supply chain 93% capacity retention after 50 cycles.