Battery Manufacturing Facility


capabilitiesOak Ridge National Laboratory’s Battery Manufacturing Facility produces batteries with capacities up to seven amp-hours—small enough that a company can affordably demonstrate the impact of their innovations, yet large enough to make manufacturing decisions about making larger devices. A resource for chemical and materials suppliers, battery manufacturers and their customers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, the facility allows industry to keep control of their intellectual property, demonstrate their technology in a complete battery, and benchmark its performance against other commercially available materials.

Unique and complementary to other DOE cell assembly facilities

  • Pouch cells of up to 66x99x12mm and 6Ah
  • Focus on manufacturing R&D, drying, alternative heating technologies, solvent less processing, alternative assembly methods, new cutting, materials handling, and filling methods
  • Production yield issues
  • 700 square feet dry space with <0.5% R.H.
  • 700 square feet adjustable 1-15% R.H.
  • 700 square feet adjustable 1-15% R.H.