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Progress with HTS systems in real world applications

Issues Tape Issue System Issue Progress Prospect
dc critical current x  300-400 A/cm at 77K 100 A/cm at 65K, 3T perp Good
Over-current fault tolerance xx Temp limit on 1G/2G tape > 300K: cable tests ok Good with stabilization
Quench recovery (coils) xx Detection in ac systems difficult; slow propagation TBD: can we make a quench not a credible event?
ac losses xx Limited to date: just working with flat tapes Fair: can change tape geometry to reduce losses
Mechanical properties xx Good: 2G better, substrate and stabilizer help Good but need to look at synergistic effects with T, HV
Cryogenics-efficiency  x 10-20% of Carnot Fair: need 20-25%: limited R&D to date
Cryogenics-reliability  x 95-99% Challenging: need 99.8-99.9%: requires redundancy but cost implications
Cryogenics-cost  x $100's/watt at 65-80 K Goal: $25/watt at 65-80 K only if high production rate
Electrical insulation xx Limited effort to date: single point failure issue Issue: can we solve this on timescale of conductor R&D?

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