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SPI Readiness Reviews

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Where are the greatest risks (cables)?

  • Fault Currents
    • These are driving cable designs<
      • Asymmetric on 1st half cycle - F-max
      • Integrated I2 x time: T-max
    • Outside limits of experience
    • Not able to test fully
    • Some divergence allowed Tmax
  • Thermal Contraction
    • LIPA cable will contract over 20 feet!
    • Companies being very creative in solutions
    • Philosophy: "solve for now" or "solve forever"?
  • Thermal Cryostat
    • Damage or installation
    • Reliability proportional to 1/length
      • Allow for loss of vacuum in 1-2100-m sections??
    • Lightning impact
      • hits on buswork and adjacent ground strikes
      • voltage gradient inner/outer cryostat and exterior strike damage
    • Lifetime?

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