Acronyms and Initialisms
ac alternating current
ASC American Superconductor Corporation
CRADA cooperative research and development agreement
dc direct current
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
DOE-HQ DOE Headquarters
DTA differential thermal analysis
DTA/TGA differential thermal analysis/thermogravimetric analysis
EBSP electron beam backspatter patterns
EDS energy-dispersive spectroscopy
fcc face-centered cubic
FWHM Full width half maximum
HTS high temperature superconductivity/superconductor/superconducting
IBAD ion-beam-assisted deposition
IBM International Business Machines
Ic critical current
IGC Intermagnetics General Corporation
Jc critical current density
Kc critical current per unit width of conductor (Ic/w)
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PIT powder-in-tube
PLD pulsed-laser deposition
PNZT lead niobium zirconium titanate
RABiTS rolling-assisted biaxially textured substrates
RBS Rutherford Backscattering Spectra
RG&E Rochester Gas and Electric Company
RTA rapid thermal annealer
SEM scanning electron microscopy
SUNY State University of New York
Tc critical temperature/transition temperature
TEM transmission electron microscopy
TGA thermogravimetric analysis
Ts sintering temperature
WES Waukesha Electric Systems
XRD X-ray diffraction
YSZ yttria-stabilized zirconia