In the News:

  • Dynamic DNA cytosine methylation in the Populus trichocarpa genome: tissue-level variation and relationship to gene expression
    Published: 17 January 2012 -- Kelly J Vining, Kyle R Pomraning, Larry J Wilhelm, Henry D Priest, Matteo Pellegrini, Todd C. Mockler, Michael Freitag and Steven Strauss in BMC Genomics
  • BC Researchers Clearing the Way for Clean Energy from the Poplar Tree
    September 20, 2011--Two British Columbia researchers are making a significant contribution to the development of clean energy through their study of the genetics of the poplar tree. ... more
  • v2.0 release of Populus trichocarpa
    January 8, 2010--Version 2.0 of the poplar (Populus trichocarpa) assembly and annotationis now available at:
  • From poplar to ethanol: Plant could help save Northwest's biofuels industry
    August 30, 2009--Oregon entrepreneurs hope to turn poplar trees into a viable source of ethanol, helping resuscitate the Northwest's import-reliant biofuels industry. ... more
  • Two genomic research projects to tackle supply and demand issues in emerging forestry biofuels industry
    August 24, 2009--In order to reduce the Province‰Ûªs greenhouse gas emissions, the BC Bioenergy Strategy is calling for greatly increased production of renewable biofuels such as ethanol, from biomass grown in BC. ... more
  • Michigan Tech News -- From the Roots Up, Developing Trees for Sustainable Biofuel
    July 29, 2009--New tree varieties with wonder roots could one day supercharge the biofuel industry. ... more
  • Researchers' drive: Make biofuels thrive
    July 29, 2009--Within the next decade, drivers around the country may get around powered by fuel made from pecan shells, switch grass or poplar trees, thanks to research at universities funded by more than $700 million in grants. ... more
  • ZeaChem says 2,000 gallon per acre threshold in site for its cellulosic ethanol process; high-yield path with fewer technical challenges than algae
    July 24, 2009--In Montreal, ZeaChem, ranked #11 in the Hottest Companies in Bioenergy for 2008-09, confirmed that it is on track to complete a demonstration-scale plant in Boardman, Oregon where yields of more than 2,000 gallons per acre per year can be achieved. ... more
  • UF researchers receive $643,000 federal grant to study wood-quality gene for fuel production
    July 23, 2009--A newly discovered gene may be the key to producing fuel ethanol more efficiently from trees, and the University of Florida researchers who identified it have received a prestigious federal grant to investigate further. ... more