The 1st International Workshop on Petascale Data Analytics on Clouds: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities (PDAC-10), to be held in cooperation with 23rd IEEE/ACM International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC10), provides an international platform to share and discuss recent research results in adopting high-performance clouds and distributed computing resources for petascale data analytics.

Synopsis: Recent decade has witnessed data explosion, and petabyte sized data archives are not uncommon any more. Many traditional application domains are now becoming data intensive. It is estimated that organizations with high-performance computing infrastructures and data centers are doubling the amount of data that they are archiving every year. Processing large datasets using supercomputers alone is not an economical solution. Recent trends show that cloud computing is becoming a more practical and economical solution for both providers and consumers ranging from business analytics to scientific computing. Cloud computing is fast becoming a cheaper alternative to costly centralized systems. Many recent studies have shown the utility of cloud computing in data mining, machine learning and knowledge discovery. Cloud computing has great potential for petascale data analytics community, but wide scale adoption brings great challenges as well. This workshop intends to bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to discuss new and emerging trends in cloud computing technologies, programming models, and software services and outline the data analytics approaches that can efficiently exploit this modern computing infrastructure. This workshop also seeks to identify the greatest challenges in embracing cloud computing infrastructure for scaling algorithms to petabyte sized datasets. Thus, we invite all researchers, developers, and users to participate in this event and share, contribute, and discuss the emerging challenges in developing data mining and knowledge discovery solutions and frameworks around cloud and distributed computing platforms.

Topics: The major topics of interest to the workshop include but are not limited to:

Proceedings: Accepted papers will be included in the workshop proceedings.