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Precipitation-Evaporation Water Availability for A1FI

Change in Precipitation-Evaporation Water Availability for A1FI

Per Capita Water Availability

Per capita water availability has been calculated on a watershed basis using the most detailed digital basin boundaries available, outputs of precipitation minus evaporation (as a proxy for runoff) from the CCSM3 climate model, and population based on a combination of Global LandScan 2007 current population distribution and downscaled CIESIN country-level growth projections.

Legend Explanation: "Very severe water stress" indicates that < 500 cubic meters/person/year of freshwater is projected for the basin, "Severe water stress" indicates between 500 and 1000 cubic meters/person/year, "Some water stress" indicates between 1000 and 1700 cubic meters/person/year, and "Adequate water supply" indicates that more than 1700 cubic meters/person/year is projected for the basin.

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