1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on
Analytics for Big Geospatial Data
Nov 6, 2012, Redondo Beach, CA, USA




Accepted Papers




BigSpatial 2012



Accepted Papers

Full Presentations

  • Computing the drainage network on huge grid terrains
  • Marcus V. A. Andrade; Thiago L. Gomes; Salles V. G. Magalhaes; W. Randolph Franklin; Guilherme C. Pena
  • Predictive Analytics with Aviation Big Data
  • Samet Ayhan; Johnathan Pesce; Paul Comitz; Gary Gerberick Steve Bliesner
  • EarthDB: Scalable Analysis of MODIS Data using SciDB
  • Gary Planthaber; Michael Stonebraker; James Frew
  • Big 3D Spatial Data Processing using Cloud Computing Environment
  • Ramanathan Sugumaran; Jeff Burnett
  • Speeding up Large-Scale Point-in-Polygon Test Based Spatial Join on GPUs
  • Jianting Zhang; Simin You
  • Elastic and Effective Spatio-Temporal Query Processing Scheme on Hadoop
  • Yunqin Zhong; Xiaomin Zhu; Jinyun Fang
  • Sort-based Parallel Loading of R-trees
  • D. Achakeev; Markus Schmidt; Marc Seidemann; Bernhard Seeger
  • Spatiotemporal Data Mining in the Era of Big Spatial Data: Algorithms and Applications
  • Ranga Raju Vatsavai; Varun Chandola; Scott Klasky; Auroop Ganguly;Anthony Stefanidis; Shashi Shekhar

Short Presentations

  • TMC-Pattern: Holistic Trajectory Extraction, Modeling and Mining
  • Roland Assam; Thomas Seidl
  • Towards Scalable Ad-Hoc Climate Anomalies Search
  • Peter Baumann;Dimitar Misev
  • Extracting Storm-Centric Characteristics from Raw Rainfall Data for Storm Analysis and Mining
  • K. Jitkajornwanich;Ramez Elmasri; John McEnery; Chengkai Li
  • Accelerating Satellite Image Based Large-Scale Settlement Detection with GPU
  • Dilip R. Patlolla; Eddie A. Bright; Jeanette E. Weaver; Anil M. Cheriyadat



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