Population Density Calculation ArcMap and Spatial Analyst

Download the "areagrid" of the world.

Open ArcMap

Verify that the spatial analyst extension is on [Go to "View" and then to "Tool Bars" and turn on the spatial analyst tool bar].

Load your population grid file and your area grid file into your table of contents.

Click on the spatial analyst tool bar and select "Raster Calculator."

Inside the Raster Calculator, double click the pop grid, click the "/" sign, then double click the area grid.

Next, add ".area" immediately after [areagrd].  Your calculation should look like:


Click the "EVALUATE" button.

The script will run for a long time and result in a large file.  The entire world generates a 3.6 Gb file.

After the script has run, right click the newly generated file (probably called "calculate") and select "make permanent".  This will save your file as a floating point grid.

If you want to add the standard LandScan color scheme, right click the file, select "properties".  Go to "symbology". Change the display to "classified" and click import.  Find the LandScan Population layer file and double click.  This will import the color scheme.  Click "apply" to add the color scheme to your grid.

Your resultant "value" field represents population density (people/sq kilometer) not population count (actual people per cell).