Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Manufacturing Demonstration Facility

As the nation's premier research laboratory, ORNL is one of the world's most capable resources for transforming the next generation of scientific discovery into solutions for rebuilding and revitalizing America's manufacturing industries. Manufacturing industries engage ORNL’s expertise in materials synthesis, characterization, and process technology to reduce technical risk and validate investment for innovations targeting products of the future.

DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, established at ORNL, helps industry adopt new manufacturing technologies to reduce life-cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions, lower production cost and create new products and opportunities for high paying jobs.


An underpinning objective of the MDF is to maximize the return on government investment by achieving the broadest possible domestic dissemination of new technology. To this end, the primary approach of the MDF is to work closely with process equipment and materials suppliers to advance process state-of-art and materials availability and with end users in cost-matched projects to develop and deploy the technologies to promising applications.


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