Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Low Temperature Materials Synthesis

Iron oxide nanoparticles
producedby T. ethanolicus

Equipment and Capabilities

  • Multiple fermentation systems from lab scale to 100 liters
  • Centrifuge separation
  • Solvent exchange
  • Ink and paste development
  • Dispersion technologies

The objective of this MDF work is to develop and demonstrate low temperature (~60oC) synthesis, characterization and process scaling of nanoparticles by NanoFermentation (NF) using organisms that produce extracellular materials with controlled size and stoichiometry. Pilot-scale nanoparticle production for DOE-relevant applications including ferrites and ferro-fluids (metal doped magnetite), solid state lighting (metal sulfides and gallates) and advanced battery technologies (LiFePO2, LiCoO2, LiMgO2, and LiFeO2) has been demonstrated.  Output of this work will be directly transferrable to U.S. industry at the pilot-scale size of >kg batches of NPs.