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Causes of Damage of Stekel Mill Drums During Hot Rolling of Steel Slab - IPSCO Steel

Cereblak Release Coatings for Aluminum Die Casting - Applied Thin Films

Characterization of Aluminum Foam Prepared by Casting Process - Energy Industries of Ohio Independence

Characterization of Dross from a Sidewell Melter Producing 3004 and 3105 Aluminum from Undercoated Scrap - Commonwealth Aluminum

Characterization of Precipitation in In-Line Annealed Aluminum Alloys - University of Kentucky

Coating of Temperature Sensors for Solder Resistance - Pyromation, Inc.

Determination of the Mechanism Leading to the Formation of Surface Irregularities on Nitrided, Hot-Isostaticallly-Pressed Nb-50 wt % Ti-20 wt % W Alloy Compacts - MATTEC, LLC

Development of a Process to Hermetically Seal a Thermal Sensor Using a Vitreous Sealing Glass - DELTA M Corp

Development of Hot Rolling Fabrication Parameters for Aluminum Boron Carbide Metal Matrix Composite Materials - Metamic L.L.C.

Development of Welding Process to Join Aluminum Alloy Sheets Coil to Coil - Commonwealth Industries, Inc.

Effect of Processing/Microstructure on the Corrosion Polarization Response of a Corrosion-Resistant Alloy: Phase II - ALLVAC

The Evaluation of Various Cladding Materials for Down-Hole Drilling Applications Using the Pin on Disk Test - Stoody Company

High-Density-Infrared (HDIR) Densification of Thermal Spray Coatings for Spherical Surface - F.W. Gartner Thermal Spray Co.

Heat Transfer Modeling of Continuously Cast Aluminum Slab - Commonwealth Aluminum Concast, Inc.

High-Energy Efficiency Wire Annealing Method - Ametek

The Measurement of Moisture/Water Content in Recycled Aluminum Scrap and RSI - IMCO Recycling Inc.

The Mechanism by which Boron and Zirconium Improve the Resistance of Haynes 214 Alloy to Strain Age Cracking - Haynes International Inc.

The Mechanisms of Oxide Formation Found in Solidified Aluminum 5182 Alloy RSI - IMCO Recycling Inc.

Melting of Experimental Alloys for Corrosion Studies - Lehigh University

Metal Filling of Lost Foam Castings - University of Alabama

Methods to Improve Aluminum Smelter Hardware Materials - Century Aluminum of West Virginia, Inc.

Methods to Improve Anode Rod Preheat Energy Requirements - Century Aluminum of West Virginia, Inc.

Microwave Activation of Catalysts - Equistar Chemical Company

Optimization of IR Imaging of the Lost Foam Metal Casting Process - Foseco-Morval

Optimized Heat Treatment for Cast A356 Aluminum Wheels - Amcast Automotive

Optimizing Induction Heating to Obtain Profile Hardening of Gears - Inductoheat

Process Improvements for Complete Oxidation of Copper Chops For Ease of Production of Fine, Easily Compactable Cu and Cu Alloy Powders - ACuPowder TN LLC

Quantifying and Correlating Lost Foam Pattern Properties with Metals Fill Casting Performance: Understanding the Process - Metal Casting Technology, Inc.

Qualifying Production Grade Foam and Coatings with Real Time X-Ray, Infrared and Capacitive Methods for the Lost Foam Casting Process - GM Powertrain

Study of Pyrolysis Product Generation and Behavior in the Lost Foam Casting Process - Tennessee Technological University

Thermal Conductivity vs. Temperature Measurement of Nanostructured Insulating Materials - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Thermodynamic Simulation of Porosity Potential in Ductile Irons - Citation Corporation

Utilizing Graphite Expansion to Compensate Solidification Shrinkage in High-Strength Gray Cast Iron - HK Casting, Inc.

Weld Pool Dynamics and Its Effects on Weld Profile and Properties of High-Strength Steels - Ford Motor Company