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Advanced Heating System Wins R&D 100 Award

Advanced Heating System for High-Performance Aluminum Forgings, developed by Craig Blue,
Puja Kadolkar, Peter Engleman, Charles Howell, Jackie Mayotte, Vinod Sikka and Evan Ohriner of
ORNL; Robert Kervick of Komtek of Worcester, Mass.; Howard Mayer of Queen City Forging Company
of Cincinnati; George Mochnal of Forging Industry Association of Cleveland; Teiichi Ando and
Hui Lu of Boston's Northeastern University; and Charles Blue of Infrared Heating Technologies of
Oak Ridge

The Advanced Heating System uses an optimized combination of radiant and convection heating
for processing materials. When used to heat aluminum billets, the system reduces heating time and
energy consumption and produces high-performance forgings with significantly improved tensile
and fatigue properties, compared to those heated by conventional techniques.

High-performance aluminum forged components are lightweight and can serve as a less costly substitute
for titanium and other expensive components in automotive and aerospace applications. The Advanced
Heating System also offers potential applications in other thermal processes, including joining and heat
treatment, and can be tailored to process additional materials such as steel, titanium and nickel-based alloys.