Laboratory and Instruments

The laboratory space of the MS3&IC is within the Organic and Biological Mass Spectrometry Group, which occupies approximately 1100 square ft in Building 4500S. Additional laboratory space is available in the ORNL Bioenergy Sciences Center (BESC).

Some of the instrumentation accessible for research includes:

Mass Spectrometers

Many of these instruments are capable of use with multiple commercial, prototype, or in-house constructed ambient surface sampling or ionization sources for standard electrospray, nano-electrospray, atmospheric pressure chemical ionization, and atmospheric pressure photoionization.

  • 2 Thermo LTQ Mass Spectrometers
  • PE SCIEX API 165 single quadrupole MS
  • AB SCIEX QSTAR Pulsar i (QqTOF) MS
  • AB SCIEX 4000 triple quadrupole MS equipped with a beta version of the FlashQuant MALDI interface
  • AB SCIEX 4000 Q Trap triple quadrupole linear ion trap
  • Finnigan LCQ Deca ion trap mass spectrometers (with MassTech AP/MALDI Source)
  • Waters TQD triple quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • Waters Synapt with Acquity UPLC (BESC)
  • AB SCIEX 4000 Q Trap triple quadrupole linear ion trap with Waters Acquity UPLC (BESC)

Sample Handling/HPLC Equipment

  • 2 Waters Acquity UPLC systems
  • Agilent 1100 system
  • HP Series II 1090
  • Advion Biosystem Nanomate, automated nanospray system
  • CAMAG Linomat system

Electrochemistry Equipment

  • CHI 660 Electrochemical Workstation with BAS C2 Cell Stand
  • CHI 900 Scanning Electrochemical Microscope
  • ESA Coulochem III
  • ESA CoulArray

General Laboratory Equipment

Among numerous other typical analytical laboratory resources:

  • UV - 2101 PC UV-VIS Scanning Spectrophotometer
  • YSI Model 32 Conductance Meter
  • Metaserv 2000 Grinder/Polisher