Organizational Structure

The National Intelligent Truck Consortium is a public/private strategic alliance and a vehicle for R&D cost sharing among members in areas of common interest in the ITS arena. To that end, it is a semi-closed consortium limited to partners having an existing technical and/or institutional competency/mission compatible with the mission of the Consortium. Its members include: a) truck OEMs, b) equipment makers, c) shippers, d) carriers, e) universities, and f) national laboratories.

NITC is managed by a Triad Management Team (TMT) (see Figure 1) consisting of a carrier (Landair), and an ITS OEM supplier (DriverTech), and a federally-funded research and development center (ORNL). ORNL serves as the elected Program Manager of the day-to-operations of the NITC The Consortium has a cross-cutting technologies committee composed of representatives of each participating private company. This committee looks for other areas where NITC-developed technology could be used. In addition, technical teams have been formed and are composed of key representatives from specific participating private companies. The leaders from each of these teams comprise the NITC steering committee. Working with the steering committee and the technical teams, the TMT determines the role of each private company and level of external support and funding required for completion of each task and phase of the project.

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Last updated July 13, 1999.