Nuclear Science and Energy Directorate

About Us

The Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSED) Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is committed to delivering "science to solutions" for clean energy and global security in a way that contributes to America's economic vitality.  Since its earliest days, ORNL has been a leader in nuclear sciences and technologies and the consolidation of our nuclear programs into a single directorate has enabled us to more effectively respond to national priorities.

The Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate is led by Jeffrey Binder.  Jeff is responsible for the Nuclear Technology Programs at ORNL and is the principal interface with the Office of Nuclear Energy. The NSED organization is composed of ORNL’s only DOE Energy Innovation Hub, a program office, and five divisions:

As we coordinate our recently expanded initiatives in isotope R&D and production, as well as focus on other areas such as the potential construction of a small modular reactor and CASL, we can apply our capabilities to address compelling problems of national and global significance.