Nuclear Science and Energy Directorate

Fuel Cycle and Isotopes Division

Jeffrey Binder, Division Director
  Jeffrey Binder, Division Director

The Fuel Cycle and Isotopes Division (FCID) of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate (NSED) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory embodies expertise in radiochemical science and processing engineering, chemical and isotopic separation science, nuclear fuel and material science and engineering, and remote process system engineering development. These core capabilities are applied to developing technology and solving technical challenges for isotope production, advanced nuclear fuel cycles, environmental management, and national security. FCID core capabilities are built around key ORNL nuclear and laboratory facilities including the High Flux Isotope Reactor, Radiochemical Engineering Development Center, the Irradiated Fuel Examination Laboratory, the Irradiated Material Examination & Testing facility, the Low Activation Materials Development and Analysis facility, an FDA-cGMP certified medical isotope processing facility, and a stable isotope separation development laboratory. FCID staff are in many cases nationally and internationally recognized in their fields and represent a broad brush of scientific and engineering disciplines from chemistry and physics to nuclear, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. FCID seeks to solve many of the most challenging technical problems facing our nation by applying an approach that integrates the great depth of nuclear science and engineering capability at ORNL.

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