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Dismantling the TSF SNAP Reactor

Dismantling the TSF SNAP Reactor

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is the largest and most diverse Department of Energy (DOE) research laboratory. ORNL was part of the overall nuclear complex that evolved from the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. ORNL has played a prominent role in developing science and technology for nuclear power programs, nuclear propulsion, nuclear medicine, and the nation's nuclear weapon program among others. Many nuclear reactors and non-reactor nuclear facilities have been constructed at ORNL since the early 1940s which have supported several research and development mission activities. Some of these facilities have already been deactivated and turned over to the Environmental Management Program. Several non-reactor nuclear facilities were constructed and operated over the years by different research and development divisions.

On April 1, 2000, UT-Battelle became the management and operating contractor for ORNL and began a transition to a building manager/occupant model of facility operations at the Laboratory. Under this Facility Management Model, a nonreactor facility (or group of nonreactor facilities) is managed and maintained by the Nonreactor Nuclear Facility Division (NNFD) to achieve the Laboratory's overall tactical and strategic objectives for facility management, maintenance, and operation and to satisfy the Laboratory's needs for space management. The expected benefits of this new approach to facility management include improvements in customer satisfaction, work control processes, and safety performance. Successful implementation will also reduce costs and ensure faster delivery of services. In this way, the occupants are free to focus on scientific research and development, while the building management and maintenance organizations focus on ensuring that the facilities are available for their intended use in accordance with the Laboratory's vision and mission.

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