Nuclear Science and Energy Directorate

NSED Divisions

The Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate (NSED) organization is composed of ORNL’s only DOE Energy Innovation Hub, a program office, and the following five divisions.

  • Fuel Cycle and Isotopes Division (FCID)
    FCID focuses on advancing the applications of medical, industrial, and research isotopes (developing separation processes for the processing of radioisotopes and spent nuclear fuels) and designing robotic systems and unique facilities for the safe handling of nuclear materials.
  • Fusion Energy Division (FE)
    FE is developing the understanding required for an attractive fusion energy source through integrated research, and is pursuing near term applications of plasma science and technology in support of national goals.
  • Global Nuclear Security Technology Division (GNSTD)
    GNSTD is a world-class leader in science and technology for nuclear nonproliferation, safeguards, threat reduction and transportation security.
  • Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division (NNFD)
    Under ORNL's Facility Management Model, a nonreactor facility (or group of nonreactor facilities) is managed and maintained by NNFD to achieve the Laboratory’s overall tactical and strategic objectives for facility management, maintenance, and operation and to satisfy the Laboratory’s needs for space management.
  • Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD)
    RNSD provides leading-edge science, technology, and engineering research that support our Nation’s nuclear science and technology enterprise across a broad spectrum of applications including but not limited to computational modeling, experiment design, and staff expertise with operating nuclear systems.

Matrixed Division

  • Research Reactor Division (RRD)
    The Research Reactors Division, of the Neutron Sciences Directorate, is responsible for the operation of the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR). The 85-megawatt reactor is the highest flux reactor-based source of neutrons for condensed matter research in the United States.