Global Nuclear Security Technology Division

Research Groups

The division's research, technical, and administrative staff are organized into eight mission-focused groups that specialize in R&D to deliver science and technology solutions worldwide for nonproliferation, safeguards, threat reduction, transportation security, and related areas. These groups are,

  • International Safeguards - The group mission is to facilitate the development and implementation of effective and efficient safeguards for facilities in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Nonproliferation Systems - The group mission is to design, develop, and host vital system applications for NA-20, ORNL, and other lab users. Interactive applications allow information sharing, project management review, earned value analysis, and complex system calculations in addition to analytical tools required for nonproliferation projects such as SLD portal monitoring. Close interface with nonproliferation customers provides logical and useful application development, user support, and secure data and server management.
  • Nonproliferation Technology - The group provides technical support for national and international export control organizations with an emphasis in nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons and missile applications. The group is composed of ~25 staff and contractors with degrees ranging from bachelor's to doctorate's in the math, physics, and chemical, mechanical, and industrial engineering fields with work experience averaging ~30 years in the nuclear fuel cycle and weapons manufacturing areas.
  • Nuclear Material Detection & Characterization - The group focus is on the development and evaluation of advanced detector and non-destructive evaluation concepts for national and homeland security organizations, the nuclear weapons complex, the basic physics research community, and the neutron science research community.
  • Nuclear Security Advanced Technologies - The group provides a unique focus and diverse approach to Global Threat Reduction (GTR). Individual and team activities range from removal of at risk material to blending down nuclear material and reactor conversion.
  • Safeguards & Security Technology - The group mission is to provide technical support for international verification of nuclear materials through technical assessments, methods development, operational testing, education and training, destructive and nondestructive analysis, and on-site technical support.
  • Threat Reduction Initiatives - The group mission is to plan and facilitate the implementation and sustainability of safeguard and security systems. 
  • Transportation Technologies - The group mission is to facilitate the safe transportation of hazardous materials in the U.S. and around the world.