Global Nuclear Security Technology Division

Transportation Technologies

The Transportation Technologies (TT) Group is comprised of professionals with diverse skills and experience. The Group’s distinguishing capabilities are summarized below.

  • Extensive experience with all aspects of radioactive material transportation, with a special emphasis on packaging and transportation of special nuclear material (SNM) and spent nuclear fuel (SNF).
  • Extensive experience with transportation security, including development and deployment of secure transportation systems in Russia as well as other countries around the world.
  • Field work at locations around the world.
  • Capabilities to develop and deploy security system technologies that provide both “rapid-upgrade” as well as long-term solutions for customer needs, including strategies for sustainability of security systems. 
  • Programmatic systems analysis and modeling capabilities that provide solutions to complicated systems engineering problems.
  • Packaging Research Facility, with capabilities to perform a variety of certification tests of radioactive material package designs.

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Transportation Technologies
Global Nuclear Security Technology Division
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