Global Nuclear Security Technology Division

Threat Reduction Initiatives

The Threat Reduction Initiatives (TRI) Group is comprised of professionals with diverse skills and experience.  The Group’s distinguishing capabilities are summarized below.  

  • Extensive field work at locations around the world.
  • Capabilities that go beyond the installation of protection, accounting and detection technologies such as the ability to give new capabilities and develop programs to support the new technologies.
  • Programmatic vulnerability analysis capability using tools that integrate disparate database sources with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) expertise to provide solutions that were not readily apparent.
  • Holders of the “Programmatic Template” for long term system sustainability. This includes the capability to perform analyses at the program level and suggest implementation plans that provide for long term sustainment of protection levels.
  • Knowledge and experience for the development of training and support centers.  The TRI group capability includes a true “turn-key” solution from site preparation through construction to the staffing and operational readiness of these facilities.
  • Extensive experience with international logistics and travel coordination.
  • Domestic equipment deployment capability and data management.

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Threat Reduction Initiatives
Global Nuclear Security Technology Division
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