Nuclear Science and Energy Directorate

Process Engineering Research Group

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The Process Engineering Research (PER) Group performs energy-related research and development activities in a wide range of subject areas, from nuclear energy to biofuels to hydrogen. Group personnel are also involved in homeland security, environmental management, and national defense projects. Our customers include the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Nuclear Security Administration, and other government and private agencies and organizations. PER staff members conduct chemical and nuclear engineering research, development, and analysis on processes, systems, and equipment for use in a range of applications, from conventional chemical production to radiochemical and hazardous material environments.

The missions of the PER Group include: (1) utilization of the special capabilities of Oak Ridge National Laboratory to expand nuclear energy applications, (2) development of advanced technologies for nuclear fuel production and treatment of radioactive waste, (3) development and demonstration of alternative energy technologies, (4) prevention and mitigation of threats to homeland security, and (5) development and demonstration of improved chemical processes to improve energy efficiency.

A key characteristic of the group is the unique combination of engineering design and analysis capabilities, lab-scale chemical and radiochemical processing research, laboratory-scale separations chemistry, and design and operation of pilot-scale process demonstrations.