About Us

The Radiation Transport Group develops and applies advanced computational methods to address important issues related to nuclear system safety and design, with particular focus on software and analysis needs for criticality safety and radiation shielding evaluations. Radiation Transport staff possesses a broad range of nuclear engineering and scientific expertise that is used to provide problem-solving tools and technical solutions for a variety of sponsors, including ORNL divisions and programs, Department of Energy (DOE) Offices and laboratories, DOE contractor organizations, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the nuclear industry. The combination of methods/software development and applications expertise makes Radiation Transport a very capable organization for addressing diverse sponsor needs. Although Radiation Transport is primarily involved in work related to the nuclear fuel cycle, broad staff experience, expertise, and interest routinely lead to projects in other interesting and challenging areas.

Computer codes developed by Radiation Transport and technical accomplishments of Radiation Transport staff are recognized nationally and internationally. Radiation Transport is a contributor to the SCALE code system, which is used worldwide for nuclear safety analysis.