Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division

Research Staff Details

The following staff have provided CV's and/or Biosketches.

Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division

Cecil Parks, Interim Director CV/Biosketch
Doug Crawford, Reactory Technology Integration CV/Biosketch
Brad Rearden, Lead, SCALE Project CV/Biosketch
Don Williams, Manager, NRC Projects Office CV/Biosketch
Andy Worrall, Fuel Cycle Technology Integration CV/Biosketch


Advanced Reactor Systems and Safety

Syd Ball CV/Biosketch
Randy Belles CV/Biosketch
Bruce Bevard CV/Biosketch
Sacit Cetiner CV/Biosketch
George Flanagan
Richard Hale CV/Biosketch
T. J. Harrison CV/Biosketch
David Holcomb CV/Biosketch
Robby Joseph, III CV/Biosketch
Gary Mays, Group Lead CV/Biosketch
Becky Moses CV/Biosketch
Mike Muhlheim CV/Biosketch
Mike Poore CV/Biosketch
Lou Qualls CV/Biosketch
Don Williams, Jr. CV/Biosketch
Richard Wood CV/Biosketch


Nuclear Data and Criticality Safety

Goran Arbanas CV/Biosketch
Doug Bowen CV/Biosketch
Cihangir Celik CV/Biosketch
Justin Clarity CV/Biosketch
Mike Dunn, Group Lead CV/Biosketch
Klaus Guber CV/Biosketch
Shane Hart CV/Biosketch
Andrew Holcomb CV/Biosketch
BJ Marshall CV/Biosketch
Don Mueller CV/Biosketch
Lester Petrie, Jr. CV/Biosketch
Marco Pigni CV/Biosketch
Vladimir Sobes CV/Biosketch
Dorothea Wiarda CV/Biosketch


Nuclear Security Modeling

Keith Bledsoe CV/Biosketch
Bryan Broadhead CV/Biosketch
Kenneth Dayman CV/Biosketch
Matthew Francis CV/Biosketch
Brandon Grogan CV/Biosketch
David Hooper CV/Biosketch
Vince Jodoin, Group Lead CV/Biosketch
Jordan Lefebvre CV/Biosketch
Thomas Miller CV/Biosketch
Bruce Patton CV/Biosketch
Douglas Peplow CV/Biosketch
Mathew Swinney CV/Biosketch
Chuck Weber CV/Biosketch


Radiation Transport

Research Staff  


Reactor Physics

Brian Ade CV/Biosketch
Steve Bowman, Group Lead CV/Biosketch
Kevin Clarno CV/Biosketch
Ron Ellis CV/Biosketch
Ian Gauld CV/Biosketch
Andrew Godfrey CV/Biosketch
Germina Ilas CV/Biosketch
Matthew Jessee CV/Biosketch
Kang-Seog Kim CV/Biosketch
Rob Lefebvre CV/Biosketch
Ugur Mertyurek CV/Biosketch
Josh Peterson CV/Biosketch
Jeff Powers CV/Biosketch
Mark Williams CV/Biosketch


Thermal Hydraulics and Irradiation Engineering

Juan Carbajo CV/Biosketch
Nesrin Cetiner CV/Biosketch
Dave Felde CV/Biosketch
Richard Howard CV/Biosketch
Prashant Jain CV/Biosketch
Jose March-Leuba CV/Biosketch
Joel McDuffee CV/Biosketch
Emilian Popov CV/Biosketch
Frank Riley CV/Biosketch
Kevin Robb CV/Biosketch
Bob Sitterson CV/Biosketch
Grady Yoder, Group Lead CV/Biosketch


Used Fuel Systems

Kaushik Banerjee CV/Biosketch
Matt Feldman CV/Biosketch
Rob Howard CV/Biosketch
Josh Jarrell CV/Biosketch
John Scaglione, Manager CV/Biosketch