Herve Derrien

Herve Derrien was born in 1929 in Britany,France. He graduates in Quimper High School(Britany) in 1948 (Baccalaureat in Mathematics and Sciences). He obtains a Master Degree in Mathematics and Sciences in Bordeaux (France) and Rennes (France) universities in 1951-1956 after serving two years as Lieutenant in the French Army. He was teacher in Mathematics and Physics in Quimper High School in 1957-1961.

He came to the French Atomic Energy Commission in 1961 as researcher at the Saclay Electron Linear Accelerator for neutron transmission and cross section measurements and evaluation. He graduates in Nuclear Physics at Orsay (Paris University) in 1962-1963, and obtains a Ph.D. (Doctor es Sciences Physiques) in 1973 after completion of an important work on the 239Pu resonance parameters, including the writing and the use of a least square Reich-Moore fitting code for simultaneous analysis of neutron transmission and cross section data. In 1975 he was detached from Saclay to serve as Diputy Director of the Neutron Data Compilation Center of the Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD. In 1978 he came back to the French Atomic Energy Commission and was responsible for Neutron Cross Section Evaluations at CEN Cadarache in the French Breeder Research Program. In 1990 he retires from the French Atomic Energy Commission.

He participates in Exchange Visitor Program or Research Fellowship in 1967,1985,1987,1989,1994 and 1995 at ORNL (USA) and in 1991-1993 at JAERI (Tokai-Mura,Japon) in Evalution of the Reich-Moore resonance Parameters of the fissile nuclei (233U, 235U, 239Pu, and 241Pu ).

Current Activities

  • Evaluation of neutron cross sections in resolved and unresolved resonance region
  • Methodology Development in resonance parameter covariance matrix in connection with SAMMY analysis of microscopic and integral data for sensitivity calculations in criticality and safety purpose

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