Errata Details

  • Bugs uncovered in Revision 7 of the SAMMY manual (corrected in the version on this web site)
    • Corrections have been made to Equation (III D.8) on page 180.
    • On page 184, the command "USE DOUBLE SCATTERINg" should be replaced with "INCLUDE DOUBLE SCATTering"
    • On page 4, item 10 should refer to Section III.D not Section III.B.
  • FORTRAN files in which bugs have been repaired - (Please contact the author at to obtain a tar file with these updates for sammy-7.0.0)
    • File mamr6.f - BROADening parameters in the INPut file, TZERO works too now
    • File mmas1.f - single pass through SAMMY if pseudo cross section type
    • File mdat2.f - initialization required for SAMMY.PLT file
    • Files mxct21.f and mxct22.f - This bug affects multiple scattering corrections with several nuclides, in situations where the nuclide definitions are ordered differently from the spin group definitions.
    • File mclq1.f -initializations needed
    • Files mnew0.f and mnew5.f - modified to permit the use of "RETROACTIVE" command simultaneously with "DROP SMALL VALUES OF correlation matrix"
    • File mrpi2.f - eliminate attempts to take log of negative numbers
    • File ref/mcon0.f - added dummy subroutine to avoid having program CONVRT crash
    • File mndf2.f - significant digits for ENDF file 32 are more properly recorded
    • Files mndf6.f,mndf7.f, mrml01.f, and mmas6a.f - eliminated bugs related to the ENDF file 2 LRF=7 format
    • File mmas2.f - read negative exponential on Emin and Emax

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