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The Oak Ridge National Laboratory ranks among the founding laboratories for the scientific field of radiation materials science. Since the creation of the laboratory, we have maintained strong ties to both the technology and scientific underpinning of nuclear materials research as evidenced by the experience and capabilities across our research divisions.  The capabilities at ORNL enjoys include the highest neutron flux nuclear reactor in the world along with a proven record of both complex and user-friendly irradiation vehicles.  Within our research divisions ORNL arguably possesses the most advanced suite of analytical equipment both for generating engineering data, and for exploring in incredible detail the fundamental mechanisms underpinning radiation materials science at the atomic level.  Complimenting this tremendous experimental infrastructure is an equally impressive modeling effort which couples the advances in computational power and advanced characterization tools to better understand the science of radiation materials science.

From this page you can find links to the resources available at ORNL for the study of radiation materials science, along with the expertise and interests of our research staff.

- Jim Roberto, Deputy for Science and Technology

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