Physical Sciences Directorate

Chemical and Materials Sciences

On Wednesday, May 27, 2009, ORNL broke ground on its new Chemical & Materials Sciences Building (CMS). The three-story, 160,000 sq. ft. facility will replace the 1950s era labs in the building across the street. The new labs will include energy efficient fume hoods, stable ventilation systems (including temperature and humidity), engineering systems for incoming and outgoing particulate control, and upgraded utilities. In addition, there will be laboratory suites for sensitive instrumentation; spaces that can be converted to co-locate sample preparation and materials synthesis laboratories with instrumentation necessary for characterization; and communities that enable theorists, students, and support staff to be collocated with experimentalists. The innovative laboratory designs – used to enhance team-based science – can easily be reconfigured to meet changing mission needs.

The total estimated cost is $95 million, largely funded by the Recovery Act, which accelerated the building project. It will be LEED certified as a “green” building.

View the construction site live!