Welcome to the Lightweighting Materials Program


This program is aimed at developing new, cost-effective, environmentally sound materials and process technologies to enable the U.S. transportation industry to be more energy efficiency through vehicle weight reduction.

Lightweight materials have been identified as necessary for the Department of Energy-Energy Efficiency (DOE-EE) programs in electric and hybrid vehicles, assisting those technologies by allowing use of smaller, and therefore lower cost, battery and drive systems, as well as providing broader options in the design of the overall vehicle "package."

An important part of this program is Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H) implication of new materials through the life-cycle of the materials and applications. ORNL provides technical support and assessment.

Phil Sklad, ORNL program manager, is responsible for monitoring technical progress of projects, coordinating activities both internally and for the national program, and interfacing with other national laboratories, industry, and academia.


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