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Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) Chamber with VT-STM and AFM

Our work focuses on exploring physical properties of materials in reduced dimensionality, often at nanoscale dimensions, where changes in physical properties are anticipated due to confinement effects either quantum in nature or resulting from surface or interface effects.  Particular attention is focused on magnetism, ferroism, charge order, spin order, and electron transport with particular emphasis on spin transport.  Thus, materials receiving the greatest attention are those with novel magnetic, electronic, and interrelated ferroic properties.  These materials include strongly correlated electronic systems such as transition-metal oxides where the complexity arises from nonlinear correlations between spin, charge, and lattice structure, novel combinations of conventional magnetic materials, rare earth metals and dilute magnetic semiconductors. Achievement of our objective requires the integration of both synthesis and analysis techniques in a long-term program that is closely coupled with theoretical modeling and analysis.  Anticipated accomplishments are the discovery of novel physical properties and mechanisms that emerge from low-dimensional confinement.

The principal technical contact for discussing potential projects in the LDMP Group is Dr. John F. Wendelken, Group Leader; tel. (865) 574-6290, e-mail

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