Materials Sciences Engineering Division Program

B&R Number: KC0201010


FWP Number:  ERKCM43
Atomistic Mechanisms of Metal-Assisted Hydrogen Storage
Nidia Gallego

FWP Number: ERKCM67
Probing Phase Transitions, Chemical Reactions, and Energy Transfer at the Atomic Scale: Multifunctional Image with Combined Electron and Scanning Probe Microscopy
Albina Borisevich, PI

FWP Number:  ERKCS89
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy: Atomic Structure and Properties of Materials
Stephen J. Pennycook

FWP Number: ERKCZ07
Probing Coupled Metal-Insulator and Ferroic Transitions from the Atomistic to Mesoscopic Scales
Sergei Kalinin (CNMS Division)