Materials Sciences Engineering Division Program


James R. Morris, Program Manager
Tel: 865.576.7094

Lynn M. Smalley, Program Administrator Assistant
Tel: 865.574.6152

Albina Borisevich
FWP Number: ERKCM67
Probing Phase Transitions, Chemical Reactions, and Energy Transfer at the Atomic Scale: Multifunctional Image with Combined Electron and Scanning Probe Microscopy
Tel: 865.576.4060

Hans Christen
FWP Number: ERKCS80
Interfaces in Epitaxial Complex Oxides
Tel: 865.574.5965

Elbio Dagotto
FWP Number: ERKCS93
Theoretical Studies of Complex Collective Phenomena
Tel: 865.574.2592

Sheng Dai (Chemical Sciences Division)
FWP Number:  ERKCC83
Materials and Interfacial Chemistry for Next Generation Electrical Energy Storage
Tel: 865.576.7307

Takeshi Egami
FWP Number:  ERKCM40
Atomistic Study of Metallic Glasses
Tel: 865.574.5165

Nidia Gallego
FWP Number:  ERKCM43
Atomistic Mechanisms of Metal-Assisted Hydrogen Storage
Tel: 865.241.9459

Dave Geohegan
FWP Number: ERKCS81
Growth Mechanisms and Controlled Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials
Tel: 865.576.5097

Easo George
FWP Number:  ERKCM06
Multiscale Mechanical Properties and Alloy Design
Tel: 865.574.5085

Gene Ice/Ben Larson
FWP Number:  ERKCS73
Scattering and Microscopy with X-Rays and Neutrons
Tel: 865.574.4065
Tel: 865.574.5506

Sergei Kalinin (CNMS Division)
FWP Number: ERKCZ07
Probing Coupled Metal-Insulator and Ferroic Transitions from the Atomistic to Mesoscopic Scales
Tel: 865.241.0236

Chendu Liang, (CNMS Division)
FWP Number:  ERKCZ06
In Situ Studies of Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Nanostructured Materials
Tel: 865.574.8408

Dave Mandrus
FWP Number: ERKCS82
Correlated and Complex Materials
Tel: 865.574.6282

Michael K. Miller
FWP Number: ERKCM52
Stability of Nanoclusters in Metal Matrices Under Extreme Environments
Tel: 865.574.4719

Stephen J. Pennycook
FWP Number:  ERKCS89
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy: Atomic Structure and Properties of Materials
Tel: 865.574.5504

Fernando Reboredo
FWP Number: ERKCS92
Extending the Reach of Computational-Theoretical Methods to Materials at the Energy Frontier
Tel: 865.241.4325

Mike Simpson
FWP Number:  ERKCM38
Design and Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Tel: 865.574.8588

David Singh
FWP Number: ERKCS91
Theory of Complex Materials
Tel: 865.241.1944

Alexei Sokolov (Chemical Sciences Division)
FWP Number:  ERKCC02
Polymer-based Multicomponent Materials
Tel: 865.574.0569

William Weber
FWP Number: ERKCM86
Response of Ceramic Structures to Electronic and Atomic Energy Deposition
Tel: 865.574.6773

Hanno Weitering
FWP Number: ERKCS87
Quantum Tuning of Chemical Reactivity for Storage and Generation of Hydrogen Fuels
Tel: 865.574.1911