FEI Titan Aberration-Corrected TEM-STEM (TEAM)

This instrument can be downloaded and is provided here in Adobe PDF formats.



  • 300-kV Schottky field-emission gun (FEG)
  • CEOS dodecapole probe (STEM) aberration corrector
  • Gun monochromator
  • Post-column Gatan imaging filter (GIF)
  • Gatan 794 retractable 1024<2 CCD camera
  • Fischione HAADF (Z-contrast) and Gatan BF/DF STEM detectors
  • CompuStage SuperTwin lens (±30° tilt)

Current Research Activities:

  • Instrument provided as part of the TEAM (Transmission Electron Aberration Corrected Microscope) project by the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Principal TEAM task at ORNL is to demonstrate 0.05-nm STEM resolution or identify items limiting resolution

Contact: Ed Kenik,, (865) 574-5066, or Jim Bentley,, (865) 574-5067




 Oak Ridge National Laboratory