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The Irradiated Fuels Examination (IFEL) Laboratory

Nonreactor Nuclear Faciities (NNFD) Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rodger C. Martin
IFEL Research Coordinator
Tel: 865.576.2280
Fax: 865.576.7862




Built in 1963 at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), approximately 8 miles southwest of the city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the Irradiated Fuels Examination Laboratory (IFEL) is a hot cell facility built primarily for the disassembly and examination of highly radioactive material. A high-level alpha facility, the IFEL's main emphasis has been on irradiated fuels and fuel materials. Over a period of three decades this facility has handled a wide variety of fuels including aluminum clad research reactor fuel, both stainless and zircaloy clad light water reactor fuel, coated-particle gas-cooled reactor fuel, and numerous one of a kind fuel test experiments. In recent years, the facility has also handled iridium isotope processing, mox fuel post-irradiation examination, and spent nuclear fuel repackaging.

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