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Timothy D. Burchell

Research Staff
Nuclear Materials Science & Technology Group
Materials Science & Technology Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6088
Phone: (865) 576-8595
Fax: (865) 576-8424


Dr. Burchell’s current research interests include: fracture behavior and modeling of nuclear-grade graphite; the effects of neutron damage on the structure and properties of fission and fusion reactor relevant carbon materials, including isotropic and near isotropic graphite and carbon-carbon composites; the thermal physical properties of carbon materials; the impact behavior of carbon-carbon composites; the development of a porous carbon fiber composite adsorbent; and carbon fiber based natural gas storage media.  Prior to joining ORNL Dr. Burchell was a research officer at Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories in the U.K. where he worked on monitoring the condition of graphite moderators in gas-cooled power producing nuclear reactors.  Dr. Burchell's work experience also includes six years in the aerospace industry. 

Dr. Tim Burchell was previously the Leader of the Carbon Materials Technology (CMT) Group within the Metals and Ceramics Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Prior to assuming the position of CMT Group Leader, Dr. Burchell was manager of the Modular High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Graphite Program where he was responsible for the development of a multi-year research project to acquire reactor graphite property design data.

Dr. Burchell received his B.Sc. in Materials Science from the University of Bath, U.K. in 1981 and his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Bath in 1986.

Dr. Burchell is the author of numerous papers on the subject of graphite fracture behavior and modeling, the effects of neutron damage on carbon materials structure and properties, and adsorbent carbon composites.  Dr. Burchell has authored several book chapters on aspects of carbon materials and is the editor of a recent book entitled “Carbon Materials for Advanced Technologies”.  In 1987 he and two co-authors received the Pergamon Prize for the best paper published in CARBON Vol. 24.  Dr Burchell is an Associate Editor of the Journal CARBON and is the Secretary/Treasurer of the American Carbon Society.  Dr. Burchell is the American Carbon Society’s George D. Graffin Lecturer for 2002/03.