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Welcome to the Surface Processing & Mechanics Group

Surface Processing & Mechanics Group – 2008

(left to right, front row to back row up the stairs): Jun Qu, Jerry McLaughlin,
Brian Jolly, Beth Armstrong, Jim Miller, Peter Blau, Glenda Hamlin,
Randy Parten, Ted Besmann, ,Kevin Cooley, and John Henry.

The Surface Processing & Mechanics Group consists of professional and technical support staff with expertise and experience in coatings, composites, wear and friction, and chemical thermodynamics.

With a long list of publications and patents in these areas, as well as significant funded efforts from agencies such as DOD, NASA, and DOE, the group has built wide capabilities for understanding and developing new materials. These efforts have ranged from basic research into nucleation and growth from the vapor phase to applied work in designing ceramic composites for high-temperature particulate filtration.

The group's long history of technological innovation has resulted in a number of R&D 100, American Ceramic Society, DOD and DOE awards.

The principal technical contact for discussing potential projects in the SPM Group is Dr. Ted M. Besmann, Group Leader; tel. (865) 574-6852, e-mail



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