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  • BAAM-CI (Big Area Additive Manufacturing -- Cincinnati Incorporated), submitted by Cincinnati Incorporated and ORNL, supported by the Lab's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Chad Duty leading, and listed in the Process/Prototyping Category.
    ORNL technologies also won special awards. BAAM-CI also received Editor's Choice in Process/Prototype, and Infrared Nondestructive Weld Examination System, Jian Chen and Zhili Feng with partners ArcelorMittal USA and Eagle Bend Manufacturing, Inc., a finalist in the Analytical/Test and Market Disruptor -- Service categories, received a silver award recognition.
  • Genoa 3D Printing Simulation Software, submitted by AlphaStar Corp, with ORNL support led by Vlastimil Kunc. Listed in the Software/Services category.

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ORNL Awards Night 1998


Outstanding Accomplishment in Science and Technology -

Technical Support:

  • Ken Blakely
  • Kevin Cooley
  • Janie Gardner
  • Dave Harper
  • Ed Hatfield
  • Randy Howell

Research Accomplishment:

  • Mike Miller
  • Karren More

Development Accomplishment:

  • Tim Burchell
  • James Klett
  • Edgar Voelkl

Leadership R&D:

  • Bob Lauf


Outstanding Accomplishment in Laboratory Operations -

Bargaining Unit Support

  • Pat Howard
  • Barry Whitson