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ORNL Awards Night 2007


Administrative Support (Nonexempt)

  • Winner: Brenda Darlene Hickman
  • Citation: For exceptional management of Division vehicles that resulted in significant cost reduction to MSTD, fuel savings, and a safer, newer fleet


Director's Award

  • Winner: Vinod Sikka
  • Citation: For Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Science and Technology

Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishment

  • Winner: Jeremy T. Busby
  • Citation: For excellence in engineering materials research leading to (1) timely identification of irradiation-induced segregation and phase instabilities in candidate structural refractory alloys for critical application to the DOE Space Reactor Program, and (2) development of high performance cast stainless steel for critical application to the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor (ITER)

Excellence in Technology Transfer

  • Winners: Philip Maziasz (4 team members), Neal D. Evans, D. Ray Johnson, John P. Shingledecker
  • Citation: For commercializing the new heat-resistant CF8C-Plus Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel for high-temperature diesel engine and gas-turbine component applications

Inventor of the Year

  • Winner: Vinod K. Sikka
  • Citation: For sound, commerically viable invention in a broad field of materials development and processing methods

Distinguished Scientist

  • Winner: Brian C. Sales
  • Citation: For sustained contributions in condensed matter and materials physics, especially in the areas of intermediate valence compounds, nuclear waste forms, and advanced thermoelectric materials