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  • ORNL microscopy directly images problematic lithium dendrites in batteries
    OAK RIDGE, Tenn., March 6, 2015—Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have captured the first real-time nanoscale images of lithium dendrite structures known to degrade lithium-ion batteries. The ORNL team’s electron microscopy could help researchers address long-standing issues related to battery performance and safety.

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  • Materials - Efficient catalysts - January 13, 2015 - Reduction of pollution from vehicles and power plants relies, in large part, on how effectively catalysts can oxidize nitric oxide (NO). Advancing such catalyst performance requires a better understanding of the noble metals used in catalytic converters.


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ORNL Awards Night 2010


Distinguished Engineer

  • Winner: Ted Besmann
  • Citation: For outstanding sustained contributions in materials science and engineering related to nuclear fuels and ceramics

Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishment

  • Winner: Amit Naskar
  • Citation: For contributions in advancing carbon fiber and polymer-based composites research via exceptional technical accomplishments and leadership

Early Career Award for Scientific Acomplishment

  • Winner: Athena Safa-Sefat
  • Citation: For outstanding contributions to the understanding of superconductivity in the newly discovered iron-based superconductors

Technical Support

  • Winner: Hu Longmire
  • Citation: For sustained, outstanding support of ORNL's materials science programs by development and skilled application of a suite of metallograpic techniques