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  • BAAM-CI (Big Area Additive Manufacturing -- Cincinnati Incorporated), submitted by Cincinnati Incorporated and ORNL, supported by the Lab's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Chad Duty leading, and listed in the Process/Prototyping Category.
    ORNL technologies also won special awards. BAAM-CI also received Editor's Choice in Process/Prototype, and Infrared Nondestructive Weld Examination System, Jian Chen and Zhili Feng with partners ArcelorMittal USA and Eagle Bend Manufacturing, Inc., a finalist in the Analytical/Test and Market Disruptor -- Service categories, received a silver award recognition.
  • Genoa 3D Printing Simulation Software, submitted by AlphaStar Corp, with ORNL support led by Vlastimil Kunc. Listed in the Software/Services category.

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Contact information and profiles for MST groups, programs, research center, and user facilities are listed below.

Division Director E-mail Phone Fax
BUSBY, Jeremy T. 865.241.4622  865.574.4066 
Deputy Division Director E-mail Phone Fax
TORTORELLI, Peter F. 865.574.5119  865.574.4066 
Division Administrative Assistant E-mail Phone Fax
LOVINGOOD, Lynda F. 865.574.4065  865.574.4066
Division Security Coordinator E-mail Phone Fax
LOVINGOOD, Lynda F. 865.574.4065  865.574.4066
Computer Security Officer E-mail Phone Fax
PICKEL, Joseph M. 865.576.0329 865.574.4902
Division Support E-mail Phone Fax
SEARS, Shu J. 865.574.4475 865.574.4066
SHUGART, Shirley 865.576.5341 865.574.4066
Corporate Fellows Scientific Advisory E-mail Phone Fax
BOATNER, Lynn A. 865.574.5492 865.574.4814

DUDNEY, Nancy J. 865.576.4874 865.576.6298

SALES, Brian C. 865.576.7646 865.574.4814
STOCKS, G. Malcolm 865.574.5163  
Integrated Research / Operations (IROD) E-mail Phone Fax
STRADER, Tracy W. 865.576.1294   
COLEMAN, Brooks V. 865.576.1765 865.574.4066
STANTON, Ann L. 865.574.4483  865.574.4066
WILSON, Cathryn P. 865.576.6123 865.574.4066
Finance Office E-mail Phone Fax
KINGREA, Lisa B. 865.576.8060 865.576.7584
DUNSMORE, Brad 865.574.5441  
NEAL, Allison R.    
Laboratory Directed Research & Development (LDRD) E-mail Phone Fax
TORTORELLI, Peter F. 865.574.5119  865.574.4066 
Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) E-mail Phone Fax

GALLEGO, Nidia C. 865.241.9459 865.576.8424
MSTD Core Facilities Team Leads E-mail Phone Fax

GEER, Tom S.
Team Lead, Metallography 865.574.4487  

HARPER, David C.
Team Lead, High Bay 865.574.4353  

Team Lead, LAMDA 865.574.6231  
Administrative Assistants E-mail Phone Fax
BALLTRIP, Donna L. 865.574.4484  865.574.6098
BULTMAN, Jennifer K. 865.576.3983  
GOUDY, Christine 865.574.8295  865.574.4913
HULSEY, Ana A. 865.574.3955 865.241.3650
KERLEY, Krystal E. 865.241.0006 854-574.4913
McPETERS, Jessie M. 865.946.1724  
MACPHERSON, Sandy L. 865.574.5491  
MELTON, Stephanie G. 865.574.9803  865.241.3650
ROE, Teresa C. 865.574.7364  865.576.5023
STRANGE, Ann R. 865.576.7054 865.576.4944
WILSON, Suzanne M. 865.574.4477 865.574.5812
Research Group Leaders E-mail Phone Fax
Novel Materials Synthesis Group 865.574.5492 865.574.4814
Electron Microscopy Group 865.574.7333 865.574.6098

DUDNEY, Nancy J.
Physical Chemistry of Materials Group 865.576.4874 865.576.6298
Deposition Science & Technology Group 865.574.5059 865.574.4357
LEE. Ho Nyung
Thin Films and Nanostructures Group 865.574.9782 865.576.5023
Nuclear Materials Science and Technology Group 865.576.3687 865.576.3687
MILLER, James H.
Nuclear Fuel Materials (NSED) 865.574.5408 865.241.9920
MORRIS, James R.
Materials Theory Group 865.576.7094 865.576.5023

HAYNES, Allen J.
Materials Processing and Joining Group 865.576.2894 865.574.4913
Mechanical Properties & Mechanics Group 865.574.5123 865.574.4913
MORE, Karren L. (CNMS)
Electron and Atom Probe Microscopy Group 865.574.7788 865.576.5413
Carbon & Composites Group 865.576.0309 865.574.8257
PINT, Bruce A.
Corrosion Science & Technology Group 865.576.2897 865.241.0215

SALES, Brian C.
Correlated Electron Materials Group 865.576.7646 865.574.4814
Research Support Group 865.576.1294
ULRICH, George B.
Alloy Behavior and Design Group 865.576.8497 865.574.5812
WATKINS, Thomas R.
Scattering & Thermophysical Group 865.574.2046 865.574.3940

Program Managers

E-mail Phone Fax
HAYNES, J. Allen
EERE - Propulsion Materials 865.576.2894 865.574.4913
Fossil Energy 865.574.5119  865.574.4066 

KATOH, Yutai
Graphite SPP 865.576.5996 865.241.3650
Nuclear Energy - LWR Sustainability 865.576.3687 865.241.3650

MORRIS, James R.
BES - Materials Sciences Engineering Division (MSED) 865.576.7094 865.576.5023
ULRICH, George B.
Nuclear Energy - Radioisotope Power Systems 865.576.8497 865.574.5182

Energy Frontier Research Center

E-mail Phone Fax

ZHANG, Yanwen, Director
BES-Energy Dissipation to Defect Evolution (EDDE) 865.574.8518 865.241.3650